Is the Steam version is a broken rewritten Beta version?

Looking at various bug reports and stability issues from people, it almost feels like the Steam version is a broken “fixed” version from the Beta.

  • Game starts lagging when high population? Was in the Beta but the units would moon walk.
  • Team settings not functioning correctly? Was in the Beta.
  • Random crashes and instability during Lobby or Game play? Was in the Beta
  • Very bad UI design and unresponsive effects? Was in the Beta
  • And the list goes on…

Above was all eventually somewhat fixed with the latest version in the MS Store. Now for the Steam one it feels like we’re back at the start.

I have no idea what design was setup behind the screens, but I hope it is just a joke thought of mine where the developers lost the code or cannot access the latest code. So they are rewriting an old version which complete is broken but had to ship it anyway due to deadlines.

A mere joke thought, but feels quite real with dangerous promises being made on the Weekly Stream and zero to no communication from development.

At least the developers were talking/communicating during the Closed Beta. That somehow became dead radio silence towards the end. Now? We got nothing.


Its a broken beta version. I hope the developers are listining to us and bring the changes as soon as possible.

I don’t think it’s a problem coming from developers. Being a web developer myself I can quite understand, of course it’s just my opinion. I think the problem is that they have a deadline, even if they know it is hard to mantain, because marketing and commercial offices will not accept a change in the deadline. So they can find a lot of problems during development, but instead of postponing the deadline, the company decides to come out with a product with problems, knowing that people will play it anyway because they bought it, so… Maybe they had to start from a previous codebase to remake the part regarding cross platforms, because maybe initially they didn’t plan to come out on Steam and developers made a project based on MS Store, and maybe it was easier for them to start from some steps back instead of starting from the current branch. Now, they don’t answer much because marketing and/or communication teams said not to answer. Of course this is just a mere hypotesis. I could be completely wrong.


So, here’s what I’ve found:

Steam Version: identical to new MSFT version, except you must purchase Steam version to have Steam friends. (this could be useful if enough take up the game on Steam. I did purchase Steam version.

Newest MFST version: Similar to others’ comments, my game lags (unplayable) as world pop climbs over 100. I have a new Dell G17 gaming laptop on order.

I still run the old MSFT version which has plenty of players on it, but I fear fragmenting the community like this will kill the game! I run the new MSFT client, but can only play 1v1 with pop limit 50, because of hardware constraints on my current rig (I think this is the problem?) Does the new client put a greater load on the client machine, to take load off the servers?

Current Laptop Specs:
Intel Core i5-8350U @ 1.7Ghz
16GB Ram
Windows 10 pro.1903
Intel UHD GRaphics 620

Would welcome commentary on whether my current hardware is likely the problem. Will update my comments if this resolves the situation.

I think developers should run some outreach to let everyone know what’s really happening.

Quite frankly, you guys need to fix it ASAP !!!

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