Is the "Xbox Research Survey" genuine?

I received an e-mail (supposedly) linking a AoE2DE survey. Clicking on the link, it goes to a website. Is this genuine? (I have never heard of

Yes its genuine. Qualtrics is well known website for hosting surveys.
source: my university is using it.
and blizzard also sends out surveys via qualtrics.

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Sure I can research it, but I don’t like receiving e-mails with links to websites I’ve never heard of. Surely it wouldn’t be hard to use a URL. (But thanks).

Yes, a survey about the Age Insider program was sent out to all Age Insiders on Aug 14th. The site is specifically on the “microsoft.qualtrics. com” domain as they are a company that Microsoft partners with.


I haven’t received any Age surveys. Checked the spam folder too.

With all the fakes and scams we get these days, surely, between the two companies, you have sufficient expertise for them to use a subdomain of (or, at least, have a link to a static page on that confirms the survey is genuine).

Due to some technical issues, some people may see the survey email as sent today (Aug 16th) instead of the Aug 14th date. Thanks!


Thank. I got the survey an hour ago.