Is there a bug bounty program? i have many to report ;)

Hello without going in too much details, i can make cheats for any game and have found many bugs that can be exploited online in multiplayer matches.

These are NOT glitches they are basically hacks.

I would like to know if i can get paid to show the developers how these bugs are done so they are patched correctly.

so Microsoft or Relic, do you have a bounty program?

As far as I am aware we don’t, but please do contact support. They are more in the know about this type of thing than I am.

i contacted support but they emailed me and told me to contact support so forget it you guys don’t care

Apologies you got the run around from support…likely not intended. As mentioned, I’m fairly certain there’s not a bug bounty program, but I will capture feedback that you’d like to see one.

Yes, it’s called pay a $100 to find bugs in the game.