Is there a dat file on restoring ruins?

You know those ruins? Not the temples (although that would be amazing) but the burned out mills, markets, and churches and stuff? Is there a dat file that will let you restore those buildings instead of them being static eyesore for the entirety of the entirety of the scenario?

That would be great for RP.

Also…rebuilding the ruined temples, even if they did nothing would also be awesome.

@PeakHornet46539 can help you with that.

Sure! How can we correspond?

Hey! Do you have a Ruin restorer idea or mod? I’m mostly a RPers when I can be and it would be great to take the ruins and I mean the burned out static buildings and restore them to working order. The anceint temples too, even if they did nothing (although being able to train priests from them at like half or three quarters cost would be great too).

Anything to be a restorer, to put things right. And I have this Fallout mod where it’s the post apocalypse and the whole map is rife with ruined static buildings like this so it would be in Orwell speak double plus good!