Is there a date to update the AoE Profile Stats Website?

Now that is out the new patch from the game when the Age of Empires Website will update too?

I need to see my status on the website and look my Campaign/Single Player and Multiplayer stats on the official and beautiful website, it still in beta mode


I’m logged into the same microsoft account in AOE2DE and i’ve verified my account and everything. But I can’t see my stats on It says it is still in Beta and is subject to change. How do I get it working right? seems not AoE related. You mean

I mean this website, on the your stats page for aoe2de

The scorebord on this site is still in beta. It is not really up to date for everything.

There are some third party sites with better info:

There will be probably more sites. Maybe you find something you like at those sites.

Soon™ :cowboy_hat_face:

As many of you probably know there’s that page with your multiplayer stats on

Now I realize that it says “Stats are in Beta development and are subject to change.” but in fact what we’re seing there isn’t a Beta… it’s far away from being an Alpha, since it’s - at leas in my case - completely ridiculous.

I’ve now won five games in a row and with every game I won, my ELO decreased o_O

Also basically all of the other statistics is completely nonsense. There’s not one number on that page that even remotely makes sense. Neither the win steaks, nor the units killed… not even the Civs and Maps. Basically everything on there is self-contradictor and just utterly weird.

So is this just my “stats page” or is it the same for everyone? And if it’s the same for everyone: Why the heck is such a joke even online?

The page is a big joke:

No stats available - go play!

Nothing else 11

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