Is there a hotkey to select multiple free farmers on the screen?

For example, you can shift-click the red circle in the attached image to select multiple free farmers on the same screen at once.

I want to achieve this with hotkeys.

I don’t want to use hotkeys to select “all” free farmers

You may want to have a moderator move this over to the AoE3:DE section if the forum doesn’t let you; as it may get more eyes from AoE3 players there.

I suggested a similar feature for AoE2:DE and wish there was this ability, but so far I’m pretty sure AoE2:DE doesn’t have anything yet. I want to be able to hold a modifier key down and drag-select over idle villagers or double-click an idle villager and have all idles in the general vicinity to be selected.

It sucks to try and click one villager and accidentally double-click, thereby selecting all villagers in the area and accidentally assign all working villagers to a single task, thereby pulling a bunch of farmers off their farms, etc. If I could hold an ‘only idles in area’ modifier hotkey when selecting villagers, problem would be solved

I know your question is about AoE3:DE, and I don’t personally have an answer

thx Dakness01101.

I wrong topics…

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