Is there a limit on livestock or number of markets for Hausa?


I added a card in fortress Age which is infinite and allows to ship 9 cattle and market but I can only send it once for whatever reason. Is there a limit on number of markeplaces or number of cows which I might be hitting or why would it not allow to ship it several times?

Cow limit is 20 i believe and market is limit is 5, you can hover over the building or the unit that is being trained to see how many is the limit.

For some cards, if sending it would take it over the limit, then you can’t send it. It might be a bug that you want to report

There’s a limit of 20. You can get around it by sending the cows to an ally and having them claim them. Then you can build/ship 20 more and have your ally send back the the ones you sent them so you can claim them again.

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@M00Z1LLA That wont work, you cant get any new animal if you have reach the limit of that kind of animal.
If you have 15 cows and your ally send you 10 water buffaloes/cows/llamas only 5 will become yours to reach the limit of 20

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It definitely works the way I describe for sheep. And I’ve had games where I’ve had 20 zebus and more Llamas and Taurine cows on top of that.

Do these catlle generate resources? Can you get unlimited pop cost free eco like that?

They generate influence and also can be sold for either wood or gold or be eaten for food. So yes, it’s pretty much centerpiece of african civs.

What can influence do?

Sounds broken if I can use the trick above to just get unlimited cows

You can’t get unlimited cows…

As for your questions Influence is a 4th resource and you spend it just like wood/wood/coin.

Influence is used for:

  • Native units:and technologies (total cost is the sum of food/wood/coin in influence); but african civs don’t need to spend resources for upgrades to native warriors
  • Mercenaries (instead of coin)
  • Artillery (instead of wood+coin cost is sum of both’s normal cost)
  • Technologies at the the mountain monastery and university and any shipped building like church or arsenal
  • Immigrants technology
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It absolutely works the way I described. I just tested it and have 82 cows, 37 goats, and 1 llama. Theoretically, you could have as many as could fit on the map and could make almost your entire economy run off of a couple of hundred cows working fields and generating influence.

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How u did that?? You are alone in that match

I continually sent them to the enemy (easy AI) so that I was never at the cow limit and then claimed them back when I destroyed its base. You can do the same more easily by sending them to an ally. You are only prevented from training them if you own the cows, and it is specific to each animal type. So an African player could continuously send zebu cattle to a Chinese player and continuously receive yaks in return and never reach any limits until they were sent back. It might even work with sanga and zebu cattle.