Is there a reason, why aoe 3 is popular in south america

Im just curious ^^ many people in the forums and ingame seem to be from south america and mexico. Is this a coincidence or was there special marketing in 2005 or am i missing smth else? :smiley:


If you look at the servers most of the action is in Asia. We don’t have the same forums. Next is Europe. The lowest player base is the united States. When I do nearest server I seldom can pull up more than a few games.
However the official forums are in English and since most Hispanics that are on computers can speak English they naturally gravitate there.


Bom eu simplesmente gosto muito do jogo porque eu sou apaixonado por história, principalmente militar, e quando era mais jovem meu sonho era me alistar no exército. Infelizmente por motivos de saúde e de localização fui dispensado de ter de prestar o serviço, então o jogo é meio que uma forma de eu me imaginar fazendo aquilo que eu sonhava quando mais jovem.


That begs the question: Why do Americans hate AOE3? The lack of interest is especially surprising considering the focus on American history. I’m guessing Americans dislike RTS in general.


The Hispanic community has always been large, in my opinion they didn’t take that into account, because many were people who got the game as a pirate and played on platforms like game ranger/Hamachi. Therefore, they were not quantified. In the past, there were too few popular players from South America, so there seems to be a small gap in players.


What are the live streaming platforms used by Asians mainly? it seems that they are not usual in twich


Age of Empires 2 and 4 have more content on other Chinese platforms.

Major chinese video services are,,,,,,,

Yeah, they never quite got a youtube equivalent, bilibili seems to be the “most” known, but good luck finding japanese AoE3 players tbh.

It may have to do with AoE2 being more entrenched in some regions than others. If people in the US started playing AoE2 they may have just stuck with that game. If other parts of the world were exposed to AoE2 and AoE3 at the same time, people would have had a more objective choice of which game they prefer.


Isnt that just because most RTS arent popular in the US? like for most RTS games the good US scene/ladder is always considered to have less interest.

Like the top 2 region for most RTS is almost always Europe or Asia, with South America coming 3rd

IDK when the US civ came out there was quite an uptick in player numbers so I think many Americans play the game, just not competitively.

The US dlc was released on the 13th of April, the spike you speak off was already happening in march, perhaps due to the anouncement but it was already declining in April, so the dlc didnt actually do much for player numbers, not to mention that a spike means new American players, it could just have been old players playing the dlc or playing in anticipation of the dlc.

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Why do people think that having a country featured in the game automatically makes people from that country want to buy it? USA was unlockable by playing the game so obviously you’re going to see an uptick.


Because they are doing activities, they can get American dlc for free. Many people who want to play American civ are doing activities every day.

All my friends were pretty ecstatic about US getting added whereas I didn’t see that excitement with non-Americans. This forum was in full rage mode when US was announced. Sure, it was a bit of a shock adding post-colonial civs to the game for some but a lot just had to do with issues that had nothing to do with the game itself but real life animosity towards USA.

I just assumed Americans were the main reason for the popularity of the civ. The event certainly played a part in it too.

But I agree with others, perhaps RTS just isn’t as popular in America for whatever reason. At the same time it’s also unfair to compare one country (albeit with a large population) with entire continents.

I only saw people complaining about them being post-colonial, of which the biggest issue is the US not existing untill like the 3rd/4th age and that “Americans” werent a thing untill like 4th/5th age, they were British, German, Native American etcetera.


Most of the people I know in the states that are gamers prefer shooters or fantasy oriented games. High end computer components are easy to get here and those games were always higher end on requirements. Like much in this consumer culture many may not like playing a lower end game. Especially when their friends are peer pressuring them. So they just grew up not playing age of empires. Is it shallow, yes but that’s alot of what drives modern american culture unfortunately.

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Pues en américa del sur es bastante común ver jugadores de juegos de estrategia, como age of empires, warcraft o starcraft, y esto también se debe a que no todos cuentas con buenos equipos y abecés se juega mucho juego viejo (pero con el tiempo se le ha agarrado cariño a este genero y por eso se sigue jugando)


I think Americans gravitate more towards 4X strategy games, shooters, and RPGs. Still, RTS on the whole has become a niche genre in general. I remember the days when AoE2 and AoM and how popular they were here. AoE3 suffered a bit because the PC requirements were pretty hefty, even for your average American.

I had to wait a couple years to play AoM because my PC couldn’t run it. Thankfully I could play AoE3 when it released.