Is there a way to be notified of new timed events?

I’ve been playing the game less lately due to work, but I’m a completionist and would hate to miss any timed events/unlocks. Is there a way to be notified of new timed events? I’m subscribed to the newsletter but hadn’t heard anything until I booted the game up for the first time in a month tonight.

There are event notificaitons, but afaik iirc only for groups. Don’t know if there is any official AoE (3DE) group and if there is, whether they are doing that or not.

Well, I have it installed all the time and play on a regular basis, but I guess the easiest way, besides checking forums here or on Steam, is following game on Steam. They always post news updates including events. Besides that, I guess keeping it pinned as a favorite game on Steam, and clicking from time to time to see updates on the feed in the middle, but it’s more clunky. There’s also Community Hub → News section with a neat selection of everything they post:

Newsletter is a nice thing but certainly not designed for tracking these things.

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