Is there a way to set a scenario to be able to convert allies?

Basic question. I thought I’d seen this where in some of the campaigns you could convert a very few select units of allied factions that were very small and soon to be wiped off the board. Mechanically can you set a toggle of can convert allies?

And also can you set a thing to convert gaia buildings in modded scenarios that don’t automatically go to you? I couldn’t in this fallout scenario and they seemed to degrade over time. I’d like to save them if possible but my monks didn’t seem to be able to convert them.

The way you would do this is with trigger work, the change object control trigger probably I think.

So you can’t toggle the conversion mechanic itself? Where the monks themselves in-game would have to do the work?

I actually don’t understand anything about the triggers. I’ve not been able to find anything about how to CREATE AOE mods via Google, only install them via either Steam workshop for HE or this website for DE. Those results drown out everything else, so I can’t find anything else.

The scenario editor for the map is very easy to understand but the scripting and triggers I would need a lot of help to understand.

most likely not. I think conversion task and some other ones like build task have hard coded feature.

even in AGE3 where you can set to convert/build stuff for allies, it actually won’t do a thing. until they change this, its not possible unless you edit the game (exe i presume)

You might be interested in reading this, it explains a lot of triggers quite well:


I appreciate that link but I just had an epiphany as to why I haven;t been unable to get into modding for a decade.

You guys explain scripting TERRIBLY. Line my line explanations of triggers like this is extremely advanced. Someone like me, who’s a total noob needs to start with pre-built triggers from the most popular of the prebuilt campaigns, see how those triggers are built, then break them apart modularly, and see how they can be copy and pasted to build new trigger systems, without truly being built from scratch.

This guide is WAY too abstract. I’m a very concrete thinker, I need to understand from the very first step at the end of the process; what it’s gonna look like for the end user in game. It’s like trying to exact poop by pulling it from the outside rather than pushing from the inside or maybe more on the nose trying to assemble a jigsaw puzzle without looking at the completed picture on the box.

SO looking at all these terms and nothing makes any sense because there’s no concrete context to peg them to.

Well, right now the modify attribute trigger is broken, but other than that, most of the triggers work, and you can probably figure out a lot of them just by trial and error, the internet, or replicating what you see with other trigger based scenarios.

OK, I’ll try and look for tutorials that break down campaign triggers and explain how they work. That’s probably my best bet if they exist.

And thank you so much,