Is there a way to set lobby setting automatically when I select my custom mod

When we select different game modes the lobby settings also changes, Is it possible to recreate this effect for my custom mod, I would also like to set team and advanced settings

I’m new to modding and couldn’t find any details about this in google

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AOE 2DE doesn’t have a support to set lobby setting directly we should use triggers
this comment mention steps to set visibility as explored for player 1 (visibility is shared with team)


trigger 1: moveable map creator

  • condition : timer - 1
  • effect(totally 88 to cover total map) : effect list: create object , object list: Moveable map revealer , source player: 1
  • place each moveable map object 14 tiles away from each other and ends of the map

trigger 2 : moveable map los

  • effect : effectlist : modify attribute , object list : Moveable map revealer , Object attributes : line of sight , quantity: 100 , source player: 1

trigger 3 : moveable map delete

  • condition : timer - 3

  • effect : effectlist : Kill object , object list : Moveable map revealer , source player: 1

Eru Ilúvatar from Cittadella - Age of Empires 2 gave me the idea
Sad Bear and Missing No. from FVD Club DE helped me with buggy aoe stuff