Is there a way to watch our old recorded games?


I loved playing AOC DM Rated back in the day. I have a lot of my games saved but I can’t watch them. I know they would come out with patches that you had to install.

Has anyone figured out an easy way to make those old recorded games work or tried?

What did you do to watch them? Any recs from AoC should still be watchable on AoC (preferrably with userpatch applied for new features). They won’t work on HD though.

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I’ll have to try again but I remember installing AOC from the CD. Then trying to play my recorded games. I would get errors on the games that were recorded on certain patches.

I could play some but not all of them would work.

The best way is to watch the game in the version of the game that they were recorded in. Specifically, the same gamedata as when the game was played, otherwise things may diverge and desynch. Try and get the dat file for the patch at the time when the game was played, 1.0 and 1.0c are the most common patches for the CD originally.