Is there any chance to add more than 7 AIs for practice on steam AOE2?

I want to practice as many AIs at the nasic level then move to extreme level, in that case if I alone can fight 1v7 on standard difficult if I wanna play 2v6 its very obvious I cant learn more from standard difficulty but if we could play 2v14, each one of us facing 1v7 that would be great, is there any possibility that we can fit 2 AIs on a single slot of a lobby?

You mean you want more player slots?

That would probably be a very difficult to implement change.
No game in the AoE series allows more then 8 players. Only AoM has 12 players and I’m afraid AoMR won’t because it’ll use the AoE3DE engine.

I would love to have to have that feature. I often run into the issue that I want to add more then 8 civilisations in my scenarios if they cover a larger part of the world.
Also adds the option to add special fully scripted AIs or special players that do certain things for technical reasons.

Yes, I mean a kind of more slots, but not for players, only for AI. It might not be impossible, is it?

Because, we do have ludicrous map already.

Or, Is there any AI mod that if we select one AI gives us 2AIs? even same civilization is good. Like the double arabia with 2 different AIs on 2 TCs. But a single slot.

The issue is “players”.
Thew game is coded to have 8 players, AI or not.
So many parts of the code expect there to be no more then 8 players.
It’s not just a “slot” in an interface that has to change.
Everything that deals with player numbers has to change to allow for more players.
And that is pretty much everything.
Every unit and every resource that exists on the map belongs to a player or Gaia.

But there is a little hope.
The team said they are reworking the whole engine now so maybe there is a chance that they increase the player number.

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Aaah! The player numbers, gotcha!! Its very difficult to change.