Is there any dev who play treaty?

Lmao , lmao , if i think horse art or culv need to unpack to shoot , u have never played treaty vs even a descent player , not talking about good players .

Every descent player keep their artillery in bombard mode , dude don’t comment on treaty thread. Just becoz u r bored at home , u r not adding anything usefull when u never played treaty.

Also in what universe’s math 11 arrow can one shot a horse artillery ???

11 attack with 5 multiplier

That makes 11x5x11 = 605 demage , now count for 75% rr .

It’s 151.25 demage , no where close to 200 , u need 15 arrow to one shot a horse artillery ( using base data , becoz of different final stat of different civ)

15 arrow is 30 pop , 30 useless pop that doesn’t do anything vs other units .

P.s. with ultra slow train time for knights , u need ur firepit on fertility dance almost always in any intense fight )

How is ram gonna kill wall protected by artillery ??? For haudasone , again delusion .

Captured mortors are ■■■■ , u r not going to waste 24-32 pop for 3-4 mortors , .

Dev’s are ruining tr mode. .

People who play treaty can feel it . None else .


My point is post update, where devs change mortars for no reason

If is too powerful for supremacy games (no sense as other civs have them), they can do it with the owtlaws’ upgrade on embassy; but not a HC card. Natives rely too much on cards and have to give up some of them already.

@vividlyplain please, devs could you give some light why this change??

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I said unpack because you implied that Arrow knight cant kill horse artillery before they fire their shot. Now with riding towards them and unpacking that would be faster then what you are now proposing of them walking. Arrow knights will get like 1-2 shots of guaranteed.

So to this:

If they are in bombard mode then yes yes and yes again. Because that instant shooting horse artillery needs to close the gap with slow speed.

I made a small calculation error, which is highly possible during travel. Even then you need 15, which is still not that much in my opinion. And you dont need to one shot as arrow knights shoot way faster so at base you need 8 to “one” shot horse artillery. And I still dont agree that 16 pop space is going to make you lose the game.

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If it is a very important part of the 1v1 game natives, there can be no game that can be solved without influence, Ethiopia’s influence output value is not enough to support him to continue to produce artillery and indigenous people in the 1v1 game, I agree that you said that his troop attributes are strong, but that is the most expensive troop in the whole game, his farming efficiency is very low, his strength is reflected in the team game, but only relatively speaking, ninety percent of the players in the entire treaty player base will use France, France can defeat Ethiopia, and I think what developers should do is not to weaken one country too much but to make other countries more playable, rather than now most players who want to seriously win the game to choose France and Sweden, if they need to fight the indigenous peoples to use Spain

I am not very satisfied with the performance of the countries including the Netherlands, Germany and Portugal in the treaty, because their performance in the treaty is only to the extent that they can play in the game, they will not be as ugly as Ottoman and India in the treaty. If the game wants to win instead of entertainment, France is still the first choice except for the United States and Mexico. I believe that there should be no mature treaty players who feel that the Netherlands can beat France in a 1v1 match of the same level. Many high-level players Using them just feels like your opponent isn’t as good as you want to end the game as quickly as you don’t want to, but I’m sure everyone knows that France and Sweden are still the first choice for most treaty players. I like how the team made some changes to England and Spain to make them stronger in the treaty game, instead of constantly nerfing Ethiopia and making him as mediocre as Holland

Low vills limit civs (Fr/Nt/Jp) overperform thanks to higher military pop for artillery, I think they are fine as they are currently.

I mean, their power doesnt decrease at the same lvl than their economy does

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This is a good point. There should be a balance where if you have a stronger military, your eco should be weaker to balance that out. For example, the Dutch can have 140 units overpop. But their eco isn’t really that great in the long run, so that advantage is balanced. France doesn’t have that disadvantage with really good CDBs. Japan is alright, but since their units are SO stacked, it’s ridiculous enough fighting pop-efficient units, let alone more of them.

I was even fine playing Lakota pre-patch. They are fun. Their weak eco was bearable because you could get STACKED 2k HP units with enough teepees. Now, they are the worst in treaty with average units and a subpar eco.

France is on par with German , port , spain . Balanced .

France and Spain has but advantage over others with Nats , but it’s still manageable .

On the other hand , hausa , euthopia are so good when fighting without Nats , .

I highly disagree that France can beat euthopia outside Nats , without Nats , France has no advantage over euthopia , 20 extra pop space can easily be matched by extra Nats euthipa can get from age ups .

Still feel Dutch need some buff to its anticav , ryters are so bad , with 10% rr and high cost and low range , .

They either need cost reduction or improve rr to like 20% or a bit of increase in range .

Currently only win condition for Dutch is win artillery fight overwhelmingly becoz of high pop (39) , even on even artillery fight they lose .

And it’s often hard to do that , becoz Dutch has no good anticav to stop horse raids .

Ryters are so short range and so squishy that once make then they will go infront of ur ur skirmishers and just die , they can’t tank range demage .

Habs work better for cost , but they have same issue , they will run in front of ur skirmishers tanking all demage , and enemy skirmishers with 3x multiplier just crush them .

Most of the game u just make artillery and anti cav as Dutch whole game , and those are the units that die most .

And problem with that is , they are are expensive , specially gold expensive .

U often run out of gold even with 50 vill + all banks + 2 factories on gold , in an intense fight .

They are considered one of the most efficient units

Litteraly they have the best halberdiers, dont let them to go to skirmishers, that job is for canons

If you dont benefit from DE patch maybe, because they reach 60/64 vills right now

No player with more than 1500 points would not feel that Germany and France were equal, Germany had no advantage in any way except that before the war had more resources than France, and you said this about Ethiopia because you played too little, Ethiopia’s class structure was flawed, there were no good cavalry and musketeers that were not normally used, and there were expensive artillery, and Ethiopia’s native and characteristic cannons had been weakened several times. And his influence was not enough to sustain him to continue to create his own alliance of natives, and no one knew the strengths and weaknesses of Ethiopia better than I did, and I had played this civilization more than seven hundred times. The Iroquois, Spain, France, Japan, Ethiopia are all invincible. In the case of 1v1, the Japanese only needed ten minutes to kill Ethiopia, and it was easy to defeat Sweden, because Sweden had no way to deal with the javelin cavalry

TBH, no one cares about treaty. Why would you boom for an hour and then spam units brainlessly, while the game lag as hell, instead of play normally?

Why you play rush games that just are 5min long? Why just musketeer spam? Treaty let players to use the full potential of the civ


Because normal mode test player skill. You are naive thinking rush = musketeers spam. Too young too simple. (Non of my main civs have musketeers)

It was an oversimplification, but each player spamming just a type of unit is a reality, call it musk, huss, bowman…whatever.

Most of supremacy players dont survive more than 10min on a treaty fight


ryters are cinsider worst goon type unit in game in treaty very bad hp , almost non existance range resistance and bad range , they are made becoz u have no other option .

lmao dude do u play treaty ? u want to make habs and keep them behind army blocking 25-30 pop space ? thats not how treaty fights work . u will lost to anyone who doesnt make habs in that case , also lmao
ur comment was so hilarious ,

none make cav alone in tr , they will make 30-40 skirmisher and send 15-20 cav , u will send habs to stop that cav and ur habs will die to skirmisher , either sacrifice habs to protect ur units or just save ur habs and let cav do demage to ur army , u cant micro like sup in treaty , gaining and losing ground is the most important part of treaty .

60 vill = less militry space and still ur eco is worse than most civ , with absolutly all worst units , (best habs may be , but habs themselves are not a good unit in tr).

tr is better than sup , when u run arround whole map hit and run 10-15 units , u play gorilla warfare in sup , and u fight like real king with massive army in tr.

also if u think u can win by spamming units brainlessly , explain a lot why u r bad at treaty .

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tr need more skills than rush game to play at full potential ,

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How did you conclude that I am bad at treaty? I don’t even play treaty. I only play supremacy I don’t really bother with treaty at all.

Laughable comment. … … … …