Is there any fix to the TG match making planned?

Dear devs since aoe2 DE release i have waited for a proper tg ranked system, i was one the first complaining about how the system was forcing unfair matches and working only for stackers as they had plenty control of the maps, while solo players can’t choose anything, not even which map you don’t want to play cause there is this bug that forces you to play that map and lets not even talk when there are 2 nomadic maps in the pool.

Your system has never worked as intended or in other words your system is discriminating a probably minority in order to favor pre made teams, such situation is very bad and nothing has been done to remotely fix it or change it.

Your 2.5 years late elo fix only decreased the inflation that the team in charge created, but i am still getting 2.5k (1x1) as enemies while getting 1100 allies, so i can’t see what really changed to improve the quality of the games, cause my experience is beyond frustrating.

Imagine how poor is my experience that whenever i queue up i get a map that i don’t want to play + allies under my level and enemies above my level, i can’t imagine a worst scenario than that, you could justify one game like that out of ten, but no eight from 10 games are like that, my elo fluctuates so bad, one day i can drop 200 points(thanx to your allegedly rating fix) so i end up playing against players way below my level and there is no fun at that oh and lets not forget that i get to play maps that i don’t enjoy.

I have stopped playing for some seasons and every single time i give it another try it is just the same thing, the difference is that i am getting older and my patience is way lower, you are forcing me to leave the game mode that i have always loved, don’t think about me but think about the players that are on the same boat.

You need to consider a fix cause such absence is just pushing players away and frustrating thousand of users and that is preventing the growing of the game.

This is not about a single issue, you need to remove forced unfair matches +200 elo difference shouldn’t be allowed for solo players, solo players should only queue for the maps they want to play as they can’t choose the map on the current system and tend to play the maps of premade teams.

If you don’t want to create ranked lobbies for tgs, then please for god sake add those changes to the match making algorithm, i don’t care the waiting time being longer, current system wastes more of my time and others when getting an unfair match and undesired maps.