Is there any way to disable the animations?

Hi, I come here in search of help, is there anyway to disable the animations when picking civilization, clicking stuff in the menu? Some of us just want to click stuff and not wait for it, thank you very much, also, it is slow as hell.

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Look for the mod ‘[Anne_HK] Old Main Menu’ in the mod browser. It will give you the old menu, which i much faster to navigate. Only Quick play is kind of hidden. You need to go to the news that Battle royale is a new game mode. If you click on that news, you go to quick play. But i dont think this is a real issue for anyone: Why would you play Quick play, if Ranked and the lobby both are superior game modes to play multiplayer?


Thanks! Does this also works for the civ picking animations?

Not sure, but it removes a lot of animations from the game. The menu works much smoother with this mod.

It doesn’t change the civ pick menu but the rest runs smoothly, thanks! Man, those animations make everything soooooooo slow…