Is there any work going on to improve spectating?

I guess this question is for any devs in the forums, but is there any work being done to improve spectating? I probably watch more than I play, and one of the things I keep noticing is that there are a lot of ways that spectating could be improved. I love the work you are doing to improve the actual game, but now that the game is in a stable condition, could we have a spectating update. I really liked the capture age spectating system used during hidden cup 3. It would be awesome to have something along those lines. At a minimum, making chat visible to spectators and fixing the double resign message bug would be nice.


I think there’s a bug on the timing of the chat in the replay as well. I watched some of my replays and the chat did not appear at the correct time.

They can name it AoE TV within the Main menu instead of being inside Multiplayer just like how Dota 2 has a separate “Watch” tab. Also if the game updates, can one watch the replays they had before the update?

I would like to see total economical (villagers+fishing ships+trade units) and military populations both when spectating and playing. It is a complete mystery, why pretty much all spectator overlays display these statistics, but DE doesn’t. Casters comment on these statistics very often when comparing how players are doing, because they give best overview of players situation.

At the minimum, chat that is said by using * (all chat) could be visible to spectators imo. Can’t see any harm in that.

Also implement a chat feature for spectators so they can discuss while watching :smiley: