Is there going to be a march update?

Now that HC3 is over, I would like to ask, devs, if there would be a March update, considering the world situation.

Thanks for your reply!

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Knowing, that software development can be easily done from home, I see no reason for corona virus to change much.

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Yeah, I thought that. Maybe delay it a little bit, but ir should be done, eventually

I think same as guys above. Corona iris would be just an excuse not to update this game. It needs some fixes.

honestly i dont care anymore, call of duty warzone is so good. lol


Yes it is. Over 30 million people have played it since launch and that’s where my time has been focused lately. Not this broken game. I watched some of the YT videos of Hidden Cup and you can see how broken the game is with some of the mechanics.

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Man, if you’re here just to say “f this game, this other game is better lol” please stfu and don’t comment.


What the heck are you talking about? :joy: I watched almost all of HC3 live. There were no broken mechanics I could see.

Crazy things due to derived tactics from game mechanics, yes, but nothing was broken or majorly unbalanced. It was even and fair, except for ONE time where Joan the Maid’s Mangudai were patrolled into a fight and half attacked a mining camp because the units were out of range of the enemy Mangudai.


most of the bugs during hidden cup were spec bugs, nothing that affected gameplay. I would say it wasn’t optimal how units fought a few times - in choke points - but those are on the list of improvements we look for.

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I would agree with you but I will point out a few things:

  • 90% of the matches were using the same 7 civs. Let me repeat that. Same seven civs! And 45% of the matches were mirrors. What does that tell us about the current balance?
  • All games were pre-recorded to avoid stability issues. The finals were to be played live, but was changed to pre-recorded games the day before.

It means that if your map pool is biased in favor of civs with a food bonus or a that are good in hybrid maps AND there is tons of money to win, then people will tryhard with these civs. If the tournament was run on maps with almost no food and more gold, you would see tons of Turks/Saracen market abuse. Would you deduce there are the only 2 good civs in the game?

I’m not 100% sure what you mean. Connection problem? Spectate mode problem?


The finals were supposed to be live games casted by spectating them. Instead, due to the connection issues that DE was experiencing over the weekend, the games were played before the scheduled stream as a precaution. Instead of casting them live, the recorded game files were casted.


Then it means because of the infrastructure and it was unrelated to the original claim


…I stopped counting the amount of times units were freezing. And the whole balance is different, heavily favoring archer civs.


I didn’t remember units freezing. And with the pathfinding supposedely biased in favor of archers, it’s amazing we’ve seen people going Viking using Berserks and winning with them instead of using their good archers…

Think there will be, last updates were also at the end of the month.

januari update 21st of januari
februari update 27th of februari

So think it will be here soon.

You see units freezing all the time, it just doesn’t last long because pros pay attention and will move them again.

And generally pathing for melee units is worse. You example of Vikings going Berserks doesn’t hold, it was against Aztecs teching into eagles, archers would have been complete suicide.

The fact that Franks, the civ with the highest winrate for 1v1 before DE, was not picked once throughout the whole event, speaks for itself.


Indeed. It’s almost impossible use the melee units the way I was used to it, back in HD. And I’m just 1400 in voobly. Imagine better players! I hope they fix that, matchmaking and stability

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Wait you can outmicro freezing units? That’s pretty dank (but it must be excruciatingly hard I guess)

Oopsie. On a sidenote, why did they refuse to build any Jaguar warrior to counter zerks and spent ages upgrading their swordsmen instead?

I forgot about this as well…

you’ve made this comment in other threads…then why are you here lol? like cool glad you’re enjoying warzone but… why keep returning to say you don’t care?