Is there going to be added content?

I’ve been playing and I noticed there were almost no options in the game. Each civ seems to have maybe 2 or 3 unique units, and it seems only a few options to select when aging up? Where are all of the upgrades? I built a blacksmith and it had 6… How am I even supposed to play any differently than someone else when I’m working with the exact same stuff that they are? Were they really trying to copy age 2 that much? I thought perhaps they were going to combine age 3 and age 2 together to make a better game, but it seems they kept age 2s outdated lack of options/variable strategies with age 3s notoriously hated graphics…

I’m going to keep playing for a little bit but this just seems like a huge downgrade from age 3, and even age 2 tbh.

EDIT: I’m editing my post… Despite the lacking content imo the game is great, been enjoying it quite a lot.

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They officialy said that the dcl of map editor will be next year.

I think aoe4 will get 1 dcl a year maybe. XD

Surelly they will add lots of things! The game is really well done but yeah, I agree that its kind empty in some aspects.
Also, remember that is not very fair comparing AoE 4, a game that literally has less than 1 day since it came out with AoE 2 and 3, games that are completly done where eventually they keep updating with few things!
Give this game some time and you.will see that lots of things will be added :slight_smile:

I’m sure they’ll add lots of QoL improvements as well as DLC as time goes …

I’m extremely skeptical about QOL and other improvements. They had four years to do this. Pretty sure this is what they want.