Is there more hills in AoE2 DE vesion of Nomad?

Hello, I love Nomad and I play it alot and it seems to me that the Aoe2 DE version of Nomad has a lot of big hills and elevations compared to the HD version. I have no way of confirming this other the my subjective observations, so take this with a grain of salt. But, I’ve been noticing an increase in difficulty of finding suitable spots for my TCs because of hills in comparison to the HD version. It’s already hard to find a good spot for a TC on nomad HD, and if I’m right about this, the extra hills are making it uncesseraly harder.

Is there a way of confirming or denying this fore sure? If I’m right about this, could the Devs make Nomad more flat? Please!

You seems to be right. Sometimes i really have to walk a bit before i find a place for my TC, because all hills.

Yes, it is. Additionally, mining deposits seem to be more randomized as is vil placement. Not to say that it’s coded to be that way, more likely there is another argument that is interfering with it. As a result, in DE one player in a team game seems way more likely to have all their vils close together than another player, which leads to one sided vil fights and advantages that really shouldn’t happen.

The hills and the above are why I now always ban nomad, even though I used to enjoy it from time to time.

I see more hills, in general, and I love it.

I play normal, non-Nomad games. If I played Nomad, I’d probably still love it because of my penchant for organic variety and goodness

The hills are important in Nomad. When the fxxking noob wants village fight, you can go onto the hill and fight him against and you will win.

So the real problem is: Why TC must be built in a 4x4 plane?

I have to say my nomad games are a bit weird:

  1. I had a vill fight, went to a hill, but didnt got the hill bonus. I think i was 1 mm off the hill. I lost the vill. Then his weak vills walked straight through my TC and got killed to. In the end i won. Ultime revenge.
  2. The game started with a douche. No joke. Both TC were build in range. This game was very laggy. I ordered my vills to chop wood, but they just didnt go chopping. In the end i lost my TC because i run out of wood because of this lag.

You can call them a noob all you want, you can’t win a 3v1 vill fight with a hill :rofl: It’s more so in team games that it’s an issue there. In 1v1s, a vil fight usually hurts the person starting the fight more.

Well, I think everybody who has some Nomad experience in HD and DE will confirm this easily. Nomad maps in HD used to be mostly flat while in DE they are often quite mountainous.
Don’t need statistics or anything about it… it’s openly visible to everybody that what you assume is true.

Generally the Nomad map generation has turned to the worse if you ask me. Distribution of deer, gold and stone also changed a lot, imho.

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