Is there some guide for interface modding?

Hello everyone,

is there some guide for interface modding that does different things than simply replacing models, sounds or cursors?

Something that can subscribe to ingame events and then do stuff. In my case I want to code something that plays a sound when a town center goes idle. Is this possible?


AFAIK modding is limited to replacing existing resources. You can replace existing sound affects. You don’t have any API that would allow you to register your own scripts to events.

If you check out some simple mods, you will see the mods imitate the folder structure of the game and just replace specific files. The way I understand it, the game first tries to load game files for mods, and only if no mod supplies a file, then it reads it from the game install folder. You could probably replace any file you like, even binaries. But I think documentation for such things is sparse.