Is this a feature exploit or just a civ bonus?!

Celts have a civ bonus that allows them to control herdables close to their units regardless of the enemy’s presence since always, I assume it was designed with the intention of stealing sheeps, so this is intentional.


It’s always been like this for Celts.
I’m more concerned with that big green circle on the minimap, kinda feels like cheating since it points the potential location of every TC.

No it is a legit bonus. But this poop lord guy need to be reported. Almost all his cheesy strat videos are played with much lower rated players than his actual elo. Many of his cheesy strats won’t work vs equally skilled opponents that’s why you don’t see those strats often. What he does is smurfing and play those funny strats to bully lower rated players…I have already commented on his video about this (on his YT channel) but he doesn’t seem to care. And then I blocked his YT channel.

His max 1v1 elo is like 1k8 to 1k9, and this game he is playing 1k3 players

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