Is this a feature or a bug?

Hand Canoneers: In HD they would count as archers in a square formation and form the outer line when paired with other archers alongside arbalesters, skirms, genoese crossbows, etc when paired also with monks which they surround -

It’s normal for melee units to take the outside line while archer lines take the middle line and units like monks take the center line beyond that -

Now the current issue is that hand canoneers seem to now be in ‘DE’ to take a role in-between monks and archer types - in a square formation without melee units taking the outside where the hc’s would take their place alongside other archer types in the outer line surrounding monks at the center, and taking the outer line alongside the archers when no melee units are present, now the regular archers are on the outside and the hand canoneers are on the inside: example: 29 Genoese Crossbows, 21 hand canoneers, 10 monks, square formation stand ground - in DE makes a perfect square formation with archers on the outside, hand canoneers on the middle, and monks at the center - in HD the monks would be at the center and the hand canoneers and archer types(including skirms) would take the single outer area in a large square

While I like DE’s version of this better cause it’s more useful, I’m curious about whether or not it’s meant to be that way - and further down the rabbit hole, may this trait also be given to skirmishers?

Another example is that in ‘DE’ hand canoneers seem to take the place of monks if there are no monks in the square formation such as 29 champions, 21 arbalesters, 10 hand canoneers square formation stand ground with the champions on the outer line, arbs at the middle line and hand cannoneers at the center portion