Is this a joke?


I just bought AoEII:DE, I launch the game, setup setting, then I try to install the small trees mod and it doesn’t work. I’m thinking “Ok the game is pretty new, maybe mods doesn’t work properly yet no problem.”
Then I start a game with a friend (200pop max, fast, 4 IA), play maybe 20min (in-game time) and for no reason the game crash… No error message, nothing, it just crash !

I have a pretty good computer (16Go ram, RTX 2070), so here is my question: Is this a joke Microsoft ?

20€ for the third edition of a 20y old game and it can’t run properly on my computer ???


after the latest hotfix a lot of people have crash problems including me, i dindt have crashes before the patch


Hi @MaugunDucul, Since the latest update for the game there appears to be an issue with installing game mods. Please see the topic linked below to report additional feedback.

Installed mods not working, only showing exclamation mark

To add to what @davidsnoekdutch said, It is my understanding that crash reports are automatically gathered and sent to the developers, so there may be no additional action to take at this time. The community team announced that there is another game update coming after the holidays which should resolve the crash issues with the current update.


Still there is no excuse for that, didn’t they test the update or patch before pushing it to prod ?

I’m a dev myself and I know sometime it happens that new bugs appear after an update. But we don’t say to the client that we are on “holidays break” if they reported a major bug. We will work until the bug is fixed.
And crashes happens before the update and the patch because both have " Game Stability Improvements & Crash Fixes!" in the patch note.

This game is not a new game, it is more a big update of the HD one, the minimum I ask is a game that work properly.


Hi @MaugunDucul, I’m not sure the devs knew about the game mod install bug or knew about additional causes for game crashes before the update was released and when it was announced the next update will come in January.

I understand your frustration with not being able to play the game for the most part without crashes and you are welcome to request a refund if desired and are within the return period.

If you did not ask for a refund, I suggest trying the game with the latest hotfix, seems it made improvements to performance for many people

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Thanks for your message, I had found a solution prior to the fix (don’t remember what tho) so I didn’t asked for a refund.

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