Is this artwork related to AOE 4?

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It’s pretty but if that’s it then units are going to be about 2 pixels tall.

It’s not a gameplay screenhot. We don’t know nothing, unfortunately

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Dont know. I haven’t heard this artist being involved with relic.
here is her resume, she was with them in 2009

cool art though. Relic should hire him. He knows age.

Title of that image is # Age of Empires Reboot (pre-pro), Microsoft. So maybe AoE4 will be like a reboot for the series instead of world war era, who knows.

Dunno if it’s the right place or time, but I will just say [EDITED] that the artist (it’s a ‘he’, not a ‘she’), who is one of the best in the world when it comes to classic painting, is close to Relic :wink:


He Also worked on Ryse game

looks more like browser game art to me

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Looks like some artwork for Kingdom Come Deliverance to me

No no. Artwork title is ’ age of Empires reboot"

The relevant employment dates on their resume do not seem to line up with the timeline we’d expect to see concept art for AoE4.

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We don’t know what he’s doing now. That artwork has been posted 7 months ago. We already seen different clues about medieval Setting for next AOE. I would be not surprised about new medieval game.

These type of artists are freelancers though, they work on demand, through lease. They don’t usually have a position within a company.

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LOL, ooops I messed up. I called him a she. My bad.