Is this georgia bug or cheat?

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Today, I played a ranked match and encountered an opponent who was continuously looting relics in Georgia. This was happening for about 21 minutes.

Is this a BUG or a Cheat?

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i have provide the rp in google drive because a new user cant upload file

(MP Replay v101.102.30274.0 @2023.11.05 173554 (1).aoe2record - Google Drive)

It works not only for Georgians. Saw the same for Burgundians

Yes apparently you can duplicate relics by dropping them while garrisoning. Player colour or civ doesn’t seem to matter (tested with green and yellow, I thought the bug was for green players only, was Aztecs).


  1. Pick up relic with Monk.
  2. Task monk to garrison the relic in Monastery (right click on Monastery).
  3. While monk is walking to Monastery, task monk to drop the relic.
  4. Monk will drop the relic, duplicating it, while continuing to walk towards Monastery and a relic will be garrisoned into Monastery as well.
  5. You now have two relics.

Tested in single player Skirmish against AI.

It’s an exploit, the team is working on a fix :slight_smile: