Is this the New USA meta build?

Before I go any further, you should watch this video of this build in action, this build was made by Kenoki

Ok so this build is an aggressive semi ff, you could even call this an aggressive semi fast industrial, for a long time I think spainish immigrants has started to be used more and more, but this build takes it to a new level, this is the card order

French immigrants- Spanish immigrants- 8 state militia- Virginia general assembly-700 gold-Indiana mammoth improvement act- either advanced frontier defenses ( 3 outpost wagon and free outpost upgrades) OR 3 Gatlings
So I definitely like the opening and the age 2 seems very viable, the fact that you can be aggressive and tear enemy forward bases and then hit age 3 at 9:30 is very strong, what happens in age 3 is questionable. Aging with Indiana seems like a good idea, aging to 4 takes roughly 6 minutes but it’s free after sending Indiana mammoth improvement act.

So the video actually ends before the UsA player hits industrial, but doing the math, they would have hit industrial prior to 17 minutes, the 3 tc boom feels like too much in my opinion, I would have rather done 2 tc, and outpost wagon spam, this would make keeping map control a breeze. It’s actually interesting how many units you can get out so fast in age 2, and even if what happened in age 3 doesn’t become meta, I think what happens in age 2 and in transition to 3 certainly will, the usa player had 6 pikemen, 8 state militia, and 5 regulars out at 5:30, that’s almost on par with top tier rush civs, then you can follow up that powerful rush with a fortress transition, I would have altered the build and done now hampsire, then I would ship my dragoon’s from the legion card, ship a fort, and spam dragoon and state militia,

So to talk purely about Spanish immigrants, it’s seems very strong, 1.7 xp/sec is more than a trade post ( a trade post is about 1.5 xp/sec )
Outpost wagon synergy with being able to call minutemen at outposts is also strong, and it’s what makes this rush work, Tercio is good because is covers the weakness of the state militia by killing cavalry.
I think this is the best second card usa can send because it’s flexible, for example if you send Dutch immigrants your forced to play slow and greedy, if you ship Irish your forced to play semi long term, if you ship German, your forced to make mills, if you ship Spainish, however, you can use the tower to turtle and keep the tercios ready in case you need them, or you can forward the tower and go for a rush. Semi ff is pretty much the meta of age of empires 3 at this point, and I think this is a great semi ff, because you can defend a rush by simply killing the forward base before the rush can happen.

What do you think? I think the semi ff part of the build but with going new hampsire and then playing more standard is certainly going to become meta, I also think the 3 outpost wagon and free outpost upgrade age 3 card is very good.


And people say USA is underpowered.

As I always said, USA is about stacking OP stuff on top of other OP stuff, until you are unstoppable.
They even get Age Ups and Shipments faster than Spanish.

If I ever see another “Spanish Logistician is OP!” comment, I will likely just burst out laughing. USA is on track to surpass even Japan, in terms of being absolutely broken.


Meh, I don’t think japan, but usa does seem up there, certainly usa beats japan in terms of versatility. And yeah, usa is probably even more OP than Spain IMO, now that I see this build in action this really opened my eyes about how good United States actually are, this build let’s you get map control easily, so I could even see synergy with Chinese immigrants on a stagecoach map.


a funny thing that USA that the immigrants cards most have 3 more bonuses on a single card soo op 21 21 21 21

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Well, I can only say that this build seems much more stronger than the previous builds that Aussie was showing some weeks ago with age up time on 6 minutes mark. :rofl:

Let’s see what happens on the next weeks so we can have a good judgment if the build is broken or not.

Is hard to take you seriously because you was claiming that USA was OP before it was even released and when it’s turned out that they where not nowhere near as broken as they seem it, you just keeping saying a bunch of unempirical stuff to not admit that had a wrong impression from the beginning.

Like saying that US is more broken than the Logistician. You literally picked one of the civilizations that suffers the most against the Spanish Logistician, and said that they are strong.

This is a legitimately question: Did you ever played the USA? They have one of the worst age time on the game against Spain that have one of the best. The Logistician push hits sometimes before you even aged up. Face a single Logistician rush with the United States slow age time and I assure your opinion will change.

If you ever played US you should be having a panic attack when someone mentions the Spanish Logistician and having wet dreams at night that you are being matchup with a Spanish player as US, not claiming that they are stronger. I know because I have them from time to time.

I don’t know, the age up time is still seems kind of bad to face the Logistician. But again, let’s see how the meta shapes up on the upcoming weeks. Could be broken, could not be broken.


Yeah I think the particular matchup itself is Spain favored, but I just like how versatile this build is, Spain is definitely still OP but this has potential to be more OP. I tested a similar build but 2 tc instead of 3, and outpost spam until 7 outposts, this seems like an amazing contain strategy because if you do what I say here and ship advanced frontier defenses, I really don’t know how your opponent can take back map control without mortars, and by the time age 4 comes around and mortars can be made, The United States has a big leg up over most civs because of a powerful late game

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Can i block playing americans. Alot ive got dusted on three games tonight w this lame playing. Im thinking to quit the game until they fix this. Its impossible and this civ is unfair on so many levels.


Interesting side note, I did the same opening in age 2 with the 6 pike 5 regular 8 state militia rush, but instead of aging afterwards, I dropped a second rax and did double rax state militia, screw double rax jans! Double rax state militia is where it’s at! I actually won two games with this rush, one against Sweden and one against India.


I don’t know what to tell you to do to counter this, before I would have told you to play china, but I don’t think China can stop this, if China goes ff, the USA player can stop your villagers from building the wonder, if China plays age 2, the usa tears down the forward base, if China goes age 2 in base barracks, you have map control and can now take the trade line with Chinese immigrants


State Militia is the bst Skirmisher in the game, by far. It is good that they cost Wood, since they stomp over every other Skirm real quick, when you ship in Long Rifles.


I think this is the first strategy that actually seems viable for the US. I have played them for a while and in 1vs1 i was simply CRUSHED (In team games they are okay)

VS china i see its okay (but china has SEVERAL problems in holding Hard rushes). Vs other civs i will have to see.

I am still not convinced by the Indiana age up. I think that with the factor you would still get a better eco/res and can age up faster.

Strat is new so People are still adapting to it. Just take your time preparing for it. Whats your main to use? Are you playing ranked?

He already said he does not play competitvely/ranked, so you have to take his opinions with that into consideration.


I bounce between 500-1000 player ranking. Ive recently had a string of losses due to this lame strat so headed back to the high end. I just play british. There is no counter for this at any lvl unless the player is very bad.

The usa has a wide variety of lame op strats. The next lame extension of this will be a melding of this and another one. The melding of spanish immigrants w the automatically upgraded trading posts to trains age up.

This civ is broke beyond broke. The cards and age ups have so many perks its hard to imagine this changing any time soon. Im dropping out until its fixed where at least you have a chance.

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Just to make the point. Since the broken inception of this civ the defense was “just rush them” “they are slow”

Now they are impossibly fast generating 20 units before you can get 6 out of the gate. Your forward becomes untenable within minutes so you cant send a shipment there to help.

Now these same players defend the new strat even though if you tie the logic toghether they basically are near flawless. Not slow and op in fortress. Do you even think about what you are saying?

Cant wait til the trains get merged w the spanish card. I think it has the potential to be even worse.


I like this because it challenges a meta that is still in development, specially for USA. In my case, I played vs this strat yesterday as China. I had to adapt and treat them as a rush civ, so I got colonial militia and early army, repelling their initial rush. Later I had to go unconvential and build flamethrowers to destroy their outpost spam and State Militia.

By the end of the game the guy lost all map control and was floating in wood without being able to do anything with it.


They are in no way broken. But now they have a viable all in Rush strat
Tou just need to adapt to it, if i was dutch or Ports i would definitly send colonial militia as a 2nd or 3rd card.
After the all in Rush they either make real damage or they are finished. Cause i am not buying the “recovery” part of this STRAT (Especially the indiana part)

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If you send colonial militia against the United States, your in a horrible position because now there is nothing stopping the United States from out scaling every civ in the game. This is exactly why the Lilbow timing attack used to be meta for japan, you have a highly above average rush combined with the best boom at the same time. luckily the lilbow rush got nerfed for japan after half a month, I’m pretty sure this rush will meet the same fate

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whaaaa? how so the dude just spent tons of res on a failed all in rush… With Dutch or Ports or brits you can easily bounce back from these “rushes”. I am not saying its not powerful, i am saying its way to early to call it BROKEN or DEVASTATING or SUPER DUPER OP


You have no idea what you’re talking about. Long Rifles give militia 17 range. 3 less than Skirms. Militia don’t do a lot of damage. Militia are good, bug not that good. They’re primarily good for their tankiness, not their damage.