Is too much to ask a button to send militar shipment to a tower and economic shipments to a town center?

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10 years of age of empires, and all players have lost a match just because they forgot to move the shipment to the town center, please make this change once and for all.

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my economics shipments can be sent on TC without having to change the shipment button to receive them. Tohave button for militar shipment and one for economic shipment.

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*Record Game.age3Yrec (4 Bytes)


Hi Raul, I have forwarded your suggestion to the team. Thanks for your report!


The dual rally point behaviour is one of my biggest annoyances with the game. It’s handy that there are two UI buttons for military / Home City and economic rally points. However, setting a right-click rally point changes both, and this mouse click comes so naturally it’s almost second nature by now. So you end up either with troops clustered around your town centre, or villagers standing idle at the rally point.

@XboxWhiplash This can be changed in Options → Game options → Economic gather point (set this to “only town centers”)


I will take a look, thanks.

Yeah I need it now, take all my money

Would love to see this in the game