Is Treadmill Crane worth?

Considering it costs 300F and 200W, not a tragedy during Castle Age, is it really worth to research?

Is it really usefull or it’s better to spend those resources on other things?

Thanks in advance about your opinion :slight_smile:

Sometimes that helped me at constructing offensive castles (and the enemy builds one near too). My castle is up before the enemy and then they lose the position.


Depends. If you need to make avfew buildings very fast? Yes.
If you already had the time to put up what you wanted? No.


If you want to spam keeps or bombard towers yes


on a side note on fringe line effects of technologies… researching sappers allows wood cutters to fell a tree with a single blow, thus increasing the wood cutting rate by a fraction… im assuming the same applies to the farming rate with treadmill researched…

but as others mentioned it really depends what build you are going for whether the tech is worth it sooner rather than later…

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A bit of a different use case, but it’s always good to know whether or not your civ has Treadmill Crane if you’re playing Death Match (of course it’s researched automatically if your civ has it, but not every civ has access). Being able to construct the starting buildings a bit faster can be a nice advantage.


That is one of those post-imp kind of techs you get when you are already trash-fighting and you want to increase your halb-skirm-hussar production. Also is important if you want to spam towers/castles to defend trade in 4vs4 for example


It is also one of those techs you get in Water maps in the Castle Age, because Docks are hard to defend and easy to harass, so you want to build up Towers/Castles and replacement Docks quickly.


It is a very solid tech. On a map where you can kinda boom, I’d recommend getting it on the transition between Castle Age and Imperial, when advancing.


Treadmill Crane tech should be cheaper (150F 150W) though
considering it only gives a +20% boost and that too from late Castle Age, when Villagers are not exactly in short supply

im wondering if the higher cost is more to balance it against the factions that dont have access to it, if it was cheaper more player would be choosing it even sooner, as it is most players delay it and thus dont necessarily get a power spike over players who cant research it…

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I think the civs that get Treadmill Crane are justified to get that small power spike, by the virtue of getting access to this tech
That’s literally what Techs are for, to be actually effective and pay for themselves

As of now the University is a place where only Ballistics, Chemistry and Siege Engineers matters.
The rest of the techs are all Marginally useful that too only in specific situations, and are also overpriced.

Murder Holes - Ridonkulously overpriced, no good player will EVER pay ANY stone for this. NOOB tech, with no viability.

Treadmill Crane - It has such a slight effect that, it’s better just to pump out more villagers to build for you in Late Castle - Imperial, rather than WASTING 300F 200W and also having less villagers to work on other stuff.
Hence it becomes quite overpriced, no Pros go for this.

Keep Upgrade - Very overpriced for what little effect it has on Guard Tower

Heated Shot - ROFL everytime I see this tech, Ridonkulously overpriced considering how rarely useful it is, and because good players stay away from Tower fire anyway, forget Pros, no good player of Aoe2 ever goes for this.

Bombard Tower Tech - Overpriced, Useless tech. Projectiles Nerfed so hard, that they are now borderline useless. They barely hit, even when they do its overkill. And Rams = GG. Better to go for Keeps now and save Gold. Even Guard Towers do more vs Mounted Units and Rams than BBT.
And then you remember there’s Arrowslits. GG.

Fortified Wall - LOL to this tech, useful only in panic defense situations otherwise useless upgrade as Stone Walls are strong enough 97.1% of the time.

Architecture - Waste of Tech Tree space.
Atleast Masonry comes in early, is for almost all civs, and is FAR FAR cheaper. One of the most wasteful tech. Need I say more?

All of this, is deeply wrong. All those Techs are great.


OK, JonOli, if you say so

Gonna have to disagree with most of what you said. Murder Holes is situationally useful against units like Huskarl, Indian Camels, anything melee that does building damage.

Fortified wall is FAR stronger than stone wall. It can hold up against Trebuchet shots for a while.

Treadmill crane increases your efficiency a lot on buildings. If you put 10 villagers on a castle, it’s more like 13.5 with threadmill crane (1st vill is double speed, so it’s like 60%). That stacks every time. If it saves you a Daut castle 10% of the time, that’s worth it IMO.

Did you just say that Architecture is worthless? :joy: That can save you Castles.

Keeps have increased damage. That’s huge when you’re talking units with full armour.