Is Trushing douching and drushing unsportman like conduct?

I just think that most people that use these strategies in 1v1 ranked go all in and if it fails they quit they really are just trolling the severs. What do u think???


Just like some people say: if the game allows it, do it. You can go civ picking, and persian douche every single game. Also, you can resign after tha damage is done to bash noobs.
By the eyes of the law, it’s legal. As long as you don’t insult your opponent a lot, it’s fine.

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Im not saying if its legal or not. Its legal to call people the N-word but that dosnt make it okay. What i was wonderin was if those tatics are looked down upon and considered unsportmans like.

Nope is perfectly fair and ok.


Exactly. Tower rushing, building offensive tcs, stealing sheeps, boars and killing 1hp farms, deleting stray trees with palisade fundations, and faking age up with text. It’s all fair, and you can use all of it without being afraid of repercussion.
In fact, streamers love showing replays of games with these chessy tatics in twitch.

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People are going to be salty against Inca trushes but those from every other civ are fine, especially since the tower nerf in DE.

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As long as you dont make a 1v7 custom scenario with triggers to make you overpowered to bash some noobs i dont really care about your strategy choice.

Trushing, douching and drushing are all valid strategies.

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Hi, you mean drushing and douching in the same game?

I think both are okay, maybe douching is a little bit boring because slows the game evolution and it makes it messy, but nothing that cant be countered.