ISO: Original AoK Open Beta Contest Info

Hello everyone! I am very excited to make an account on this site and had one way back in the day. AoE was a huge part of my early teenage years and I registered this account in order to try and gain some info on the original AoK beta.

Furthermore, I have an official CD that I got from a friend titled Open Beta 2. It was some sort of contest he entered in order to be a part of the beta program. I am super interested to see if anyone has any information about this particular CD and the contest itself, or any other history behind it.

I did send an email to my buddy but have yet to get a response. lol

I appreciate any/all help in advance!


Oooof, this part of the forum isn’t super populated. I think that you should re-post this in the AoE2DE section (I don’t think it would be off-topic) As of the AoK beta, several version are available here!kZ0j0DiK!_jK5794OqALpUJmPV1LUAw, maybe one of them is the same as on your CD?