Issue for like half Year

strong text Hello again , happy new year , well after the summer patch for Aoe 3 De for some reason when you try playing with Ai the error show in loading screen and Ai dont work my issue if is any fix because the issue stll active after you reinstall my game

Habe you tried to check game’s files integrity on Steam?

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Not issue with the game files all are in order

Delete the /AI/ folder inside the game in the main game folder
Then check integrity through steam

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disable your outdated mods


Thanks for suggestion

Thanks for suggestion and now you can play the game full with no mod , you dont have the issue anymore because some mod.

And my conclusion for all off you dont play the game with mod to dont get same error as me

You use many mod for Aoe3 De is hard to keep up if is stil working or not , you need to deactivate all to play with Ai , no matter the issue was made by mods , now in present you now the issue you can fix by deactivate mods and when you have time you will search the route of issue who give me the error .

Thanks for suggestion friend