[Issue] Multiplayer desync/drop issues

Me, my friend and a lot of people are having issues during online sesions, every 5-10 minutes of game we have a drop on a random lobby with a random players, then we can’t join multiplayer again “Signing into Multiplayer Services” but it takes forever and we have to restart the game. If not me, or my friend, a random player drops/desync from the match


Having the same exact issue. play a mp game, approx 5-10 minutes in one of the 2 is dropped. sent back to main menu page with a signing into multiplayer services box to great who ever gets drop. other player keeps chugging along in game. Also noticed that steam invites bring in player to lobby, but on their pc is still in main menu page. In game invite button seems to work fine. And finding friend only games on server seems broken as well. only way to get friends into friends only game is through in game invite button.

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