Issue playing multiplayer

Hi I tried playing aoe2 definitive edition multiplayer. After creating lobby, I invited him and he accepted it. Then we r getting error as "unable to join game. Error: unknown error. Can someone helped me to resolve this? What might be the reason?

Ps: Our laptops are connected to same wifi.

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Did you properly set your Steam acc and log in Sith XBox live?

I have the same problem. My friends see different lobbies. In adition, the number at the bottom of the initial menu is also different. Support from steam or microsoft does not work they only say automatic garbage

Yes I did. Issue is same when my friend created and invited to his lobby.

Is your modem set ina correct way? Sometimes you gotta fix this:

Estava com um problema parecido. No meu jogo não aparecia nenhum jogo na aba multiplayer e o que eu fiz foi desconectar da conta xbox.

“I had a similar problem.
In my game there was no game in multiplayer and what I did was to disconnect from the xbox account.”

Hi everyone. I’ve found two different scenarios where this error message can come up right now.

  • If playing on a different version of the game than the most recent. It’s helpful to manually check for an update from the store the game was purchased from.
  • If the wrong password is entered in when joining a private lobby.

I hope that this helps!

Hi there same issue here, the thing is that I have been able to play for a week and then this message shows up… nobody knows right?

I have the same issue, me and 2 friends were trying to play over LAN with Xbox Live but every time I would invite them and they would try to accept, they would get unknown errors.