Issue with Customized hotkeys


Right now we cannot change alt hotkey, which ties with rotating the screen. Coming From WC3, I have a bad habit of spamming Alt to see healthbar, which hurts a lot in this game. So I was wondering if you could let us customize hotkey freely?

Apart from that it would be reaally nice if the select all army hot key doesn’t count scout, monk, delhi fishing ship, and unpacked mongol building. HRE mostly wants monk to stay buffing not joining the army. Scout staying in the specific location to give info. These monk and scout, we already have respective hotkeys if we wanna control them.


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I have to agree. Alt is really annoying. Especially since the game seems to start in a paused position on the back ground when you are done loading, but not all players are. If you alt tab out, the game may start at a rotated position. Even if during a game you want to alt tab the game will mildly rotate the screen in most cases.

As HRE I agree that select all army is obnoxious. It includes prelates and more often than not I spam select all army to micro back and forth, it sometimes takes up to 10 minutes for a prelate to deposite a relic somewhere as via this method he keeps being selected and asked to join the front line.

As you come from WC3, and so do I, I want to raise an additional layer to this issue and that is unit movement formation. I understand for campaign and in some situations it is very usefull to have a mixed group of unit move in a specific, static formation. However: as HRE my army tends to have prelates, MAA, landsknecht, bombards, mangonels and culverines. It is beyond annoying that 1 culverine may slow the landsknecht speed by about 95%; even when running away.

It is, and it will remain, a strong wish from me (and I assume every WC3 player, or simply for any RTS in that manner) that we can select if units should obey this formation movement; or if they can just go by their own default speed. For reinforcements I honestly get frustrated if 20 landsknecht are escorting a single siege unit; delaying their arrival time to the frontline by 5 minutes. I’d say “lol” if it wasn’t that frustrating in game.

I understand all factions suffer this same fate, but suffering together does not make it okay. And someone who masses horse archers, firelancers or knights have less of an issue with this relative to factions that have to produce a mix of units.

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Hotkey improvements are on the roadmap, but for quite a long time into the future (after the Spring 2022 update):