Issue with Hotkeys in Campaigns

Platform: Steam

Hotkeys: Customized

I was enjoying the latest mission in the Rus campaign, “The Siege of Khazan,” when I encountered a problem related to hotkeys. I noticed that I couldn’t use any of the assigned hotkeys, including the function to select all town centers or the one to select all military units. Intrigued by this issue, I decided to conduct a similar test in other missions from different campaigns, such as “The First Battle of Lincoln.” Unfortunately, I encountered the same problem: the hotkeys simply didn’t work.

However, to further test this issue, I played the second mission of the Rus campaign, titled “Tribute,” and this time, the hotkeys worked correctly.

The reason this problem caught my attention was that I was trying to unlock the “Classic Conquest” achievement in the “The Siege of Khazan” mission. Sadly, my inability to use hotkeys hindered this objective. Additionally, I’d like to highlight that this issue is not exclusive to this mission, as I’ve had difficulties with hotkeys in other situations, such as the inability to select markets with the assigned hotkey, which, in my case, is the letter “M.”

I believe it would be beneficial for the development team to thoroughly review all missions from all campaigns. Since the new DLC is expected to attract new players to the game, it’s important to ensure a seamless gaming experience, especially in campaigns, where these hotkey issues can be frustrating for players.

That’s all for now. I hope this report helps address this problem and improves the gaming experience for all players.

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Same here, Mohi on Mongol.