Issue with Random Map Scripts

I’ve recently decided to try my hand at making random map scripts to use in multiplayer with friends, and have found that the scripts generate terrain fine for myself, and we’re all able to use them in single player; However, the moment we go to a multiplayer lobby, everyone except the host crashes. I originally thought it was an error in the script; however I made a copy of one of the default .rms files, renamed it and the crash still happened. I also attempted to publish it to confirm whether or not being a published mod was an issue, and the crash still occurred. Is there something I’m missing? Any guidance would be appreciated!

Is there something odd with the new name you gave the file? like super long or has special characters. Is there anything that stands out if you open the file in notepad?

I’ve actually worked out the solution and it’s really stupid: You must use “single map” option when selecting the map in game. If you create a custom pool with just a custom rms, or the rms and any official ones, the game forces all other players to crash because it doesn’t know what to tell them it chose, even if they have the files. I assume that’s what’s going on in the background. I felt like an idiot when I figured it out, and then i realized how unintuitive that is.