Issues with custom lobbies and tuning packs

Since the season 5 update there are multiple (apparently related) issues related to tuning packs:

  1. Visiting the “All mods” gives “searching” that goes forever except after a fresh start of the game
  2. After some players join a custom lobby using a tuning pack, the “start game” button remains greyed out forever or keeps blinking preventing the host from starting. It seems to me that some players are not able to download the tuning pack even though we don’t see the attempt for downloading nor its progress this is probably due to whatever is causing 1) i.e the store is not accessible to them
  3. This is probably an old issue (and out of topic for this thread) which is probably caused by the editor itself, big updates makes changes to tuning packs even those that have nothing to do with the changes brought up by the update + they end up crashing etc which forces us to update the tuning pack. This is turn amplifies the problems 1) and 2)

We can live with the 3) but 1)and 2) are unbearable right now and need some quick fix.

Edit: I realized based on feedback from players who attempted to join the lobby as I was host, that indeed 1) and 2) seem to be the same issue. Some players in the lobby told me they are unable to download the pack even though I couldn’t observe that on my side (which is also something new. In before everyone in the lobby could see whoever is downloading a mod as well as the progress).

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The team is actively working on fixing some mod issues with the new update. Once that fix is pushed, I’ll make a note to revisit this thread.