Issues with help links on the forum and big problem for creating bug reports

  1. On this page the first 3 links do not exist. - How To: Ask for Help & Accept an Answer

  2. The template for creating a bug report tells us to Attach a SAVE GAME (.aoe2spgame) or GAME RECORDING (.aoe2record) but the only problem is that the save file type aoe2spgame is not an allowed file type for uploads. Currently the only allowed file types are - (authorized extensions: jpg, jpeg, png, gif, txt, aoe2record, age3yrec, age3ysav). Give us the ability to upload save game files please.

Hi @Tythesly256, Thanks for the report. I fixed the links. I’ll pass along the suggestion for uploading other game files.

Thanks @Tythesly256 and @anon63664082. Opened Bug 6465 for #2 above. Will have our team take a look and try to get to it soon. Thanks!

Hi @Tythesly256 and @anon63664082 this should be good to go now. Thanks!

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Thanks for the help everybody!

Yw! Glad we could help!