Issues with the AI

Yesterday I played a game vs the AI in which the berries were a little bit too far and the AI “never found them”, so it got stuck in Stone Age with around 7-8 villagers, all of them gathering wood.

Oddly enough the shore was visible but the AI didn’t build a dock either, I literally had to bait the AI’s villagers building towers until the berries became visible to it, and eventually the AI picked up the pace and hurried to build a navy and advance to Bronze.

So basically my questions are:

  1. Why didn’t the AI explore if it couldn’t find the berries?
  2. Why didn’t the AI build a dock if the shore was visible and it had stockpiled too much wood?

what difficulty ?

Besides, I’m wondering if some AI trait are not stupid compared to others. There is a randomly chosen AI trait on random maps (the one you can choose on a scenario built in the editor, like Aggressive, Defensive etc.) and I think it could explain AI changes from a game to another. (I talked about Age1, not tested on AoE DE yet)