Istanbul Imperial Palace is useless!

Landmark Istanbul Imperial Palace has double effect of its area and these influence imperical council points double and two vizier points but I think it is some kind of useless. It doesnt affect the game too much in game current state. 5 vizier points or 7 vizier points. Imperial Council’s current some of techs arent good. Players always choose Mehmed Armory. I think Istanbul Palace should give another bonus to the Ottomans. Devs should think about what will be Istanbul Palace of bonusses.

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Tbh, it depends really what you want to go. The Mehmed Factory is generally good for making great bombards and mangonels as it saves you quite a bit of resources, however production wise is to slow in an defensive fight, when you are pushed back into your base and you already lose many of your seige weapons.
Getting a free siege is always nice. But the slow rate of it , causes it to give you no benefits, when your siege is down and you gotta wait a long time before your next free siege is out.
Rather than keeping a strong econ and large production going.

However It also depends really how you wanna build it.
I 've experimented a little with going for Trade, I’ve always favore da trade-base economy, especially in team games.
Ottoman trade is almost beyond insane.
Going for the Sultanhani Trade Network + Istanbull Imperial Palace + Sea Gate Castle, with just 30~40 traders, you have whopping 6k gold per minute! + a very capable and defended traderoute, as your traders have +10 armor and range armor! 40% movement speed, they bloody outrun anything chasing after them, and hardly take any damage at all.

The Imperial palace becomes really great as it allows you to get the Trade Vizier, increasing your trade by 40%.
You can also do something very interesting in the early game, going for the double imams, and immidietly collect 2 Relics on the map + the passive bonus from the STN. To give you 300 per minute passive income within the first minute of castle age.
Their Gold econ has a potential to become ridicilously strong that the Gold cost of units and siege becomes insignificant.
the 2 extra vizier points actually allows you to get some really good secondary traits as well that you would otherwise never go for, and in team games / long games / certain situations, outweighs the benefit the Mehmed Factory grants you.


I agree your post but game want us to choose primarly what we need vezir and this changes every game. 5 is normal but building palece to take 2 vezir is a bit crazy. Ottomans suffer from food. Double minaret madrassa is.good but future ages it is not enough. Also ottoman games players will attack.caravans, taking gold from trade isnt guarantied.

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to be frank , and this is my honest opinion now , not biased opinion here , just the truth , im having headaches trying to guess what i should pick for ottoman landmarks , like REALLY , every landmark is cool , the imperial palace its honestly nice , bc on the early game i can pick the mehter buff and the anatolian hills , then i can pick 25th boost to academy schools or i can pick the +1 imperial academy , and with istanbul palace i could pick now the advanced academy vizier and the tech that allows you to add units to siege and well then i could pick the jannisaire company at last maybe?

Idk! seems like a cool vizier build order for me !

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