It has been asking for a quick search for a while, in the age of empires 4 that system worked well

The team and 1v1 lobbies are full of people who knock you out of the room for being better than them and people who have no idea how to play this game, players from their respective regions prioritize playing on their server instead of looking for a server that I generated a stable ping for most of the players, I cannot play with people who create a server in Asia, it gives me more than 300ms, but I can play with people from Asia if we use servers in Europe, since it would be convenient for both of us, because The server that I should use is the one in Brazil

I am top 100 in teams they almost always kick me out of the lobbies.
With my friends we don’t have the same schedule to rank together most of the time or sometimes I want to play with lower rated friends but without ranking with them so as not to lose rating, but it’s hard to get into lobbies and get people to balance the teams Or people who are willing to play on other servers than theirs, if the quick search is practically a system that already exists in ranked and the rest of the age of empires, why not here?

When I play ranked I feel obliged to play with my main and try to support my opponents who mostly play the meta game, “Sweden, Portugal and India”

For me it is extremely stressful to always have to go with my main to avoid lowering the ranking, so I want to play fast casual games that are minimally balanced to try different things, I don’t always play to absolutely win, but I also want to have fun and feel free, I don’t think that be the only one who thinks so

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so wat is your suggestion? just to clarify