It is necessary to make the Spanish logistician viable again

One of the problems of Spain in medium high and high elo is that it lacks a lot of strategies and it becomes very predictable, it is very dependent on the 2 falconetes, I think that everyone when they play against Spain They wait 90% of the time an FF .
The logistician had made Spain have 1 more strategy not only on land but also in water, including many variants with logistician such as semi FF, archaic Rush, Piroshiki with logistician, FF with 7 falconets etc.
I understand that the logistician was strong and if it was necessary to nerf it but it is to nerf the economy or the speed, not both, which is why it was totally unviable.

I suggest they return quickly.
Before, all shipments of resources in age 1 arrived in 20 seconds, now they made all first-class shipments arrive in 30 seconds which is bad because you are already moving slowly with Spain for doing tp and paying 900 for food, that speed no longer compensates

My options are to make all resource crate shipments at all ages take 25 seconds “including Spanish gold” and not 30 seconds, so that at least the logistician will serve as he ages.

Reduce the cost to 850 or 800 food on the logist, as it now grants you fewer resources.

If you think you have better ideas without making it broken, do not hesitate to comment.