It isn't on steam

I can’t find it on steam. They took it off? Does this infer they are pushing the release back?

I don’t know, there was a thread on the forum about new screen shots and art for aoe 4 Deluxe edition, then a little bit later the entire age 4 page of steam disappeared. I hope that does not mean they are pushing back the release


It seems that MS is either adjusting it or delaying the game


They don’t need to remove the listing to delay it lol. It’s probably just someone schizing because they revealed E3 info a few days earlier than intended


Yeah, they did the same accidentally with the usa civ for aoe3 6 days before it got officially announced, maybe they do it just to get us hyped, or maybe they keep making mistakes idk


Mistakes or cleaver marketing :sunglasses:


That is really smart if they did to purposely to get us hyped

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I go to check my steam wish list

and also find that AOE4 has been removed from steam

Maybe it means AOE4 is to be delayed?

Devs want to remake it?

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They probably realized that game will be a disaster and removed lol, those textures and units animationin new videos are a joke ha!

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you just have to wait for the E3 conference for the page to come back.


They accidentally revealed things on the Steam page that shouldn’t be there yet.

They confirmed a French and a Mongol campaign.
Most of the screenshots show French and Arabic units, including camels.
We also see more ships.
I’m pretty sure they wanted to reveal the French and the Arabs in the E3 trailer of in separate trailers released at the same time.

The Steam page also said that they will release mod tools in 2022, that confirms that they still plan a 2021 release.

Also the game already got Age ratings in many countries.
The German USK rating can only be given for a feature complete game because they actually test the full game.

Now they are just polishing the game and balancing the multiplayer. Maybe record the voices for the localisations and stuff like that.
They said that about a month before the Fan preview was when they separated campaign and multiplayer balance, maybe the campaigns where already finished at this point.


So its going to be added back???

Of course.
They paniced and than set it on invisible on steam because that was quicker than reverting the information on the page.

That happened before too when they accidentally renamed a unnamed DLC to the USA DLC and added the banner for it. They also reverted that less than a day later but than it was already to late.


That is my thread ! No no , don’t worry , they leaked unintentionally what they have in E3 , so they quit the page on steam and they will put it back in E3 (I think)


Yes don’t worry :slight_smile: :smiley: , I sure they would put back


Yes AoE 4 disappeared from the steamer …
no release this year …
no BETA this year …


I’m gonna destroy this opinion right here lads, let’s start a little :slight_smile:

Fake , no people on the entire community complain about new images , on the contrary, they appreciate it. And they removed the steam page because they leaked it unintentionally.

What? There are no new videos , how you can see new animations? There are only screenshots.

Do you even know what topic we are talking about? Some screenshots leaked my dude .

Like a wise person said… if you don’t like it , don’t buy it;)


What? BettleRock , nothing is confirmed my dude. they only removed age 4 of the steam page , it happened the same in aoe3 DE when they leak USA civ.


It’s still on the Microsoft store, confirming that they only removed it from steam because they accidentally leaked new screenshots and now try to do damage control.
Not that the damage control is working anyway though.


Did they also publish system requirements?

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