It seems that Devs love the game too much

Dev want to play the game alone as they love the game too much so they have consistently made the game harder and harder to annihilate players.

July Pup proved this tendency again and i’m happy to see Devs still love the game and cannot wait to see the game have less than 100 active ladder players!

Is this about the updated skins?

You know AoEIV has unique skins, right? I don’t see anyone complaining about that. I mean, the unit models are atrocious but that’s another matter.


Oh, no, unit appearance has changed a little bit! The game is dead


I really do not want to develop some bias towards “a certain group of players that play the game in a certain way”, but the whole world wants me to.


No, you don’t understand, nonred British Redcoats actually now have…Redcoats. This makes the game hard.


This went over my head. Can you be more explicit? You can DM if it’s not cool saying it here

Pretty sure this is not about the unit cosmetics but about the balance changes. I don’t see how cosmetics “consistently made the game harder and harder”.

Probably, but you might be surprised, there are some people who would complain because all units don’t look the same


There are people who don’t like the idea of AoE2 regional military for the same reason. I think it would be neat


“Oh I cannot remember the units anymore!”

AoE2 players: I want units to look different
AoE3 players: I want units to look the same/non-distinct

Both have their different opinions but I disagree with both 21

It is not red. It is cherry pink. It is completely different than playercolor red.