It seems that the pavisiers have displaced the bersagliere as Italy's primary skirm in treaty with this patch

With pavisiers imperial upgrades, they have become the best anti heavy infantry option in treaty, literally, they could have the Melee, Ranged, and Siege resist at the same time with a considerably less cost and more HP compared with Bersagliere. Bersagliere makes more damage to heavy infantry and speed of course but they don’t trade vs the other skirms like Cassadors or Dutch skirms in a continuous long battle as is usual in treaty when their speed is not a big advantage. But I would still like to know your opinion.

I just did a quick run and they had 330 hp in a group with roman tactics, 49 damage at 20 range in imperial fully carded unless I missed something, quite high range siege and their high resists. They do seem busted now, lol.