It won't let me enter my insider account

Does anyone know why the page does not let me enter my insider profile? Yesterday I could enter but today when I wanted to, I did not leave and I do not know what happens? :disappointed_relieved:


It doesn’t work for me either. When I try to enter the Insider area, it logs me out, and if I try to log in again, it doesn’t work… entering to the forums works perfectly, tho.

I guess they are doing something with the site.


I’m not sure about Insider Profile… but I can’t even log into the forum at all from PC. Get an Error 500 message on blank white page.

I can only access the forum from cell phone

I’ve encountered the same issue, fine logging into the forums and then no luck logging into the insider profile - wonder whats up. :eyes:

The same here…I can’t login

Is everyone still seeing this issue? The web team fixed the issue this evening EDT.

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I had the same problem yesterday but it works now. Thanks for fixing it! :slight_smile:

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now I was able to enter, thank you very much for fixing it, I wish you the best :laughing: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blush:

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Fixed and they gave me the insider tag :smile:

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