Italy at treaty

Italy at treaty is very weak .the resons are
1.not good cards for eco.most people dont use lot the lombards when the game start
2.weak good dragoons.their musk are very very good hussars.just only 1 card for horses update. of italy is very expensive.
4.not lot people play with papal units

My suggestions are
1.less lombards return eco add 1 or 2 cards for mills snd estate
2.more cards for horses
3.fix one card for replace pavesiers with one play with pavesier st treaty games
4.replace draggoons with carabinieri.
5.replace skin of halber.
6.give card improve musk

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Italy isn’t the best at treaty but they aren’t that weak either. Lombards ate a pain to use I would rather have another factory. But if all you do is spam units they aren’t one of the best civs. Pavesiers also cost wood which get scarce in treaty games

Agree about second factory

Yo tengo los lombardos todo momento funcionando y no me falta economía, mi único problema es que noto las unidades de papel. La bombardea papal es muy lenta, cuesta mucho trasladarla desde una fábrica al fondo de tu base

They’re meant to be not militarily strong by design.

So all their stuff is mediocre at best, that’s fine. The only issue is Papal units might not ship fast enough during the Imperial Age.

In Treaty players would have fencing school+Cavalry school plus the church upgrades standing army and mass cavalry. Italy doesn’t have a particularly good lategame regular military units with an edge over other civs closest being the halberdier and that’s a stretch.

They’re meant to make up for it with papal units to compliment their middling army. But Papal units take too long in the shipment queue and you can’t recieve other shipments when they’re arriving.

I agree that Italy is now the worst civ in treaty, extremely bad to be played.
But I think the problem is poorly addressed from what you propose. IMO the big issue with Italy is their musk (The worst euro musk) Italy doesn’t have a good anty cav unit now, If its musket were decent Italy could perform better in battle. Another problem is the bersagliere, they still perform bad vs other skirms, and their velocity isn’t a big advantage in treaty fights. Maybe, if Garibaldini also increases a 15% of HP make the Italian army’s basic composition (musk´+bersaglieri) decent. Finally, the papal bombard needs some pop reduction and a speed increase, now is the worst heavy artillery unit.
The poor economy could be solved with an infinite Lombard resources shipment, this in some way compensates the absence of a second factory using all the bonuses of Italians.

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Italy can be a good Civ in treaty if papal units can be created in a different way not as shipments or at least 30% faster so you dont have that late papal units and shipments . and about eco. Lombards should gave a little extra of reassures . All this In AGE 4 .

Italy is fine in treaty lombards are better than factories it just need an option to keep the lombards going indefinitely

Italy is the opposite of Fine. It’s ranked as the worst or second worst civ in treaty on multiple tier lists, and my personal experience with it has been that it is a civ that is worse than any other euro at doing things. Their eco and military are across the board weaker than France, Spain and Germany. The only civ as weak as they are in treaty is Malta.

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hw Italy can be fine?, have you really played it? It’s an instant GG no matter how you look at it (of course, if you play with another player of your level or higher with any other civ). No civ has such a mediocre-bad army, nor such a fragile economy in this modality.

of course I have played Italy with good results you have to know its gimmicks for example the architect can build anything for free meaning that villagers have only to focus in food and gold, you wont need much wood anyway (only for culverins and mortars) which you will get from lombards as I said are better than factories, give every resource plus xp with the downside that you have to put resources manually from time to time, the main reason italy dont have 2 factories is because italy can produce papal bombards which are prety strong with the charged hability, the combo papal bombard + dragons (that have more fire speed with italy) with some culverins, mortars and papal zouaves from time to time supporting is unstoppable.
yeah Italy eco is kinda weak compared with other civs but has strong units that make the enemy bleed resources which as you know that is kinda the meta in treaty, its similar to malta with strong units plus defensive. that is how you play these civs in treaty dont spamming like russia pushing hard and trying to destroy enemy’s eco before you run out resources.
summarizing: not all civs play the same

I think that you are the only that say the italy is good in treaty.all the other we say that is weak.their musk are the last of other musk in the game ,the bersaglieri after last patch take nerf.they dont have good halb.the papal units are slow at produce.yes is good when play against new players .italy men needs buff

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Sorry, but I’m pretty sure that you are trolling us, or u play in noobs lobbies. A combination of Papal Bombards and Dragons is one of the easiest compositions to counter for any decent player who knows how to micro the art. With Italy, it’s extremely easy to destroy the Papal Bombards because they absorb damage from the other artillery.

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I agree papal bombard needs a buff. I say buff it’s attack speed down to 6 seconds and buff its attack dmg to 500 like an actual bombard but nerf it’s train time to 120 seconds. Also give Italy 2 factories. Skirms should have 30 rr and their age 4 card should be 25%. Give Italy a combat card for musk and I think they should be good for treaty.

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I dont think so that you play treaty lot and how to use combination with papal that they late come out and eco of italy

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