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Well, I agree with you, but probably they wouldn’t change it. We had better accept that the devs chose mortars as the second Royal Guard unit, sadly.

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Yo creo que Italia necesita un Buff en el juego temprano, casi todas la civs de rush se la comen muy fácilmente, deberían cambiar 3 cajones de comida por 3 aldeanos y uno de madera por uno de oro y eso podría ayudar en su inicio (con respecto al pavisier, seria más útil que cuerpo a cuerpo tenga bonus contra caballería, aunque fuera pequeño)


I believe that the biggest problem of the pavisier, is that they didn’t even fit the xbow part.

Yes they are stronger than an xbow, but it doesn’t compensate for the lack of skirms until age 4. It might be enough that the heavy pavisier card gives them a bit more HP, and that the stances would interchange faster.

I believe that making eco techs cheaper could also be a good alternative. In the end, having steel traps cheaper would mean easily getting a second vill faster and buffing the gather rate of all vill, so also aging up faster. Having cheaper eco techs would also mean getting more eco techs while getting from age 1 to age 2 and so closing the gap on vill number with civs that get a vill shipment in age 2. I believe that a 20/25% discount could be enough, and it would basically include all market, basilica, mills, estate and other various eco tech techs.

The other eco buff that I would like to see is to have the architect train as fast as a vill, not slower. Adding a second architect for the Italians is so important, since it allows you to put one only on houses, and the other on outposts or lombards, depending on the situation.

O en su defecto que Italia empiece también con 2 arquitectos como en el modo guerras imperiales, ya que al inicio del juego necesitas algo de velocidad a la hora de construir

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Italy can’t start with 2 architects, that would be OP.

A single architect on a standard mode is able to build a market, a house and a third building (either an outpost or a lombard) before aging up.

2 architects would be able to double that, which it would be too much… in my opinion there should be a way to quickly add a second one in the age 2. The gold cost is not a problem, the problem is how long it takes to train one, and that you are also behind in vill numbers.

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the ‘palazzo ducale’ and the ‘basilica’ are not so far from them , after that all other hc are all ‘‘restricted’’

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or you look at the real greographic nation , every kindom that was in the italy peninsular (i count about 15-16 kindoms during the 17 century) or you look at the real kindom that defacto is united with the risorgimento after the 1861 so at the end of the game, because part of venetian territory and north of italy was under the austrian-hungary empire

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Exactly, the 2 buildings in reality are contiguous, and have the saint mark square in front, not the canal.

Then of course the arsenal and Rialto Bridge aren’t that close, but that common for HC since they have to squeeze a lot of landmarks in small pace.

Although I love Venice and how they presented it, I would have chosen Genoa as Italy’s Home city.
Genoa can be defined as the crossroads of the Risorgimento; it is the city that most nurtured the democratic and republican ideals of the Risorgimento project, thanks in part to its tradition of pronounced autonomist tendencies and hostility toward the Savoy.
Important names through whom the Risorgimento was accomplished are linked to Genoa, starting with Giovanni Battista Perasso, known as the Balilla, passing through Bixio and ending with Mazzini and Garibaldi (although he was born in Nice).
In addition, Quarto, a residential neighbourhood of the municipality of Genoa, is the place of the departure of the Thousand (until 1911 it was called Quarto al Mare, the name was later changed and to this day it is called Quarto dei Mille, in honour of the expedition of the Thousand).
Finally, the best crossbowmen and pavesiers in Italy were known to be those from Genoa.

Departure of the Thousand

Bastion, monastery and church of San Michele

San Tommaso Church


Ripa Maris

The lighthouse (Lanterna) and the convent of St. Benigno

Palazzo del Principe

Panorama of Genoa, 1828 – 1848 (Nicolas Marie Joseph Chapuy)


Italy General Discussion.

Do you think Italy will get a buff or a nerf in the next patch?

Place your bets, will Italy get a Buff or a Nerf?
  • Buff.
  • Nerf.
  • No Changes.

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what mean buff or nerf?


Change in a video game that reduces the effectiveness or potency of some of the properties of a specific element or character of the same, in order to balance it.

Change in a video game that increases the effectiveness or potency of any of the properties of a specific element or character in it, in order to balance it.

I hope this helps. :smile:


depends what buff or nerf (eco,units, tech)


I don’t think that we’ll get some changes so soon…

Italy all in all is a well balanced civ for being a new civ. Yes it needs some tweaks, especially to see it use more some of the more underused units and mechanics.

Nothing prevents you from commenting on what aspect you think needs to be balanced, the survey is for people to express their opinion and comment on what changes they think Italian civilization needs.

I hope this clarifies your doubt and if you are interested in any change for Italy, do not hesitate to suggest it, the developers usually pay attention to the community. :slightly_smiling_face:

For example, he is asking for a buff

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Putting aside the balance and potential change discussion, let’s talk about Italy meta, strategy and build orders.

I’ve tried a bit of different openings for Italy to try to get a decent age 2 timing, now I want your opinion on those 2 different approaches:

When I play Italy, I usually start like this:

  • queuing up a market and a house with the architect
  • as soon as I gathered 1 crate of food, I switch 1 settler to wood
  • queuing up 5 vills on the TC, and nothing more
  • finishing the market when it cost just 50 wood

Then here is when I’m not sure of my approach, I can either:

  • sell the remaining 100 food at the market, so to research hunting dogs right away
    this way I’m behind on food, but I can afford all age 1 market techs, including placer mines
    with this strategy I can click up about at 3.15 minutes with 13 vills.

  • sell the remaining 100 wood, so get hunting dogs
    this allow me to conserve extra 100 food, but I don’t have the wood to afford placer mines
    with this approach, I can click at about 2.55 minutes with only 12 vills.

NOTE: I repeated both tests multiple times on the same map, which limits factors like errors, maximize the micro for both approaches, and limits maps factors.

With the second approach I have 1 more vills, but I’m slower to click up, so I don’t know if it’s worth. What do you guys think?

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I gather crates, heard with 1 vill and queue vills so I’m 10/10 pop while arcitect builds a market and a house, all other vills to coin, once market is halfway I speed construction and get hunting dogs once I have 50 coin, then I move those vills to wood until I have 125 then all to food, then sell 100 food twice and get steel traps and then keep training vills and getting all the food costing market techs, usually you age with 18 vills IIRC.


Yeah but at what timing?

Because I too age up with about 17/18 vills but when I’m doing a FF or even a fast industrial heavy into lombards.

My idea was a way to get to age 2 fast for either rush or those cases when you are being rushed and getting to age 2 fast is important.

the only thing I want right now is qol changes for the lombards, I keep forgetting to invest


I want a much higher interest rate.