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when you begin using lombard minimun resources are 300 , could be a boost set to 100


constant overpoping is what makes china really strong in the late game and italy can do that constantly with no shipments needed

you effectively get 4 free infinite cards in your deck always and that is a strong benefit

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But you would just gain 50 of the other 2 resources, and you would need to refresh them so often… I think that 300 it’s fine.

China also has just 20 extra pop outright.
Papal units do not come in large enough batches to make their overpop actually worthwhile. 7 schiavonni are not particularly amazing. The most overpop you get is the 3 papal lancers (9 pop) which is not enough to make a big difference late game.

Since these are getting compared to Spahi let me point out that popular ottoman treaty decks do not include Spahi at all.

You might argue that the papal units are better than Spahi and in some cases I’d agree but with how the current Italian army stands they are much more needed.

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Yeah but papal lancers and schiavoni are really good units.

Papal lancers basically add a +25% resistance to all units and have a ton of HP. Papal guards are also good, they are just harder to squeeze in.

You’re not wrong. The units are good. I really like papal zouaves as well. However they can’t be massed enough to make a difference late game or in treaty. In supremacy it’s different I guess, but my main concern is treaty.

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Anyway here it is some interesting Italy games:

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i looked the videos, the italians defeat only the lakota civ. there is something that not works like it should.

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They defeated the duch too for example, and the fact that they played often against the Lakota is just pure case.

won vs dutch only because not trained cavalry , dutch trained only 1 kinds of infantry units…

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Yes but I could argue that they lost against French because they have gone too greedy.

Anyway winning against Lakota is not a small achievement.

Anyway I added a new one.

but what did he do with the reggiment of the bersaglieri? soft infantry vs cavalry? strange…

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depends by the situations (like revolt that are you using everything for pushing in the enemy lines for last battlefield) , and also to get more boost enlarge the resources trading about max 3k could be fine

@SenorSmite you are right like dutch has got banks ,italians should have an lombard system more similar at autogeneration like dutch indeed , it could not be a bad idea that until finish your resources the lombards works automatically like the dutch banks for example with the right trigger of mouse you can select what resources the lombards continue to invest atumatically

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Bersaglieri are actually a strong unit that doesn’t do as bad against cav as other skirms.

They are fast, they have more base attack and they stun the enemy inducing PTSD into enemy troops, so they can really snowball engagements quickly.

The only downside is that they are available only in age 4, but if they buff the pavisiers a bit probably that won’t be as much of a problem.

An automatic way to invest only 1 resource in age 4 wouldn’t be a bad idea, but it can be really strong.

Probably there could be a way that you choose to invest automatically a single resource, and you lose the ability to invest all 3 resources at the same time.

I don’t know… anyway the lombards are good but not a fundamental play for the civ, my only wish is that the usury card affect all exchanges of resources, so that the lombards became a building that actually generates resources, not one that only exchange them.

Anyway guys, after seeing the merc play in the 2 games that I posted I don’t know what to think about Italy eco anymore…

Is it better to do a lombard play or to just get capitalism+trattorie?

On one hand lombards gives you so much resources over all ages… but on the other hand capitalism and trattorie gives you resources way sooner, with less investment and require just 2 cards…

There might be also the possibility of doing a bit of both, like sending capitalism+trattoria and then in the late game transition into lombards eco. The problem is, that this way you need 2 HC cards, plus at least another 4 (uffizi, usury, advanced lombards and medici finances are the bare minimum…).

What do you guys think?

  • Lombards play
  • Capitalism + 3 Taverns
  • A bit of both…

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it be also historically correct ,after why start by the industrial age ? why not also before?

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What? (20 characters)

that got more sense historically that the italians, theyr economy should be focused to the bank system, after , why you told that the investiment of 100 reources are 50/50 in both 2 others? if a bank give a loan money dont ask the interest ? think also an bit tax of interest of the 5% , with 3000 or more resources how many are of interest? What is 5% of 3000? - Percentage Calculator ( of 5k ? Cos’è il 5% di 5000? - Calcolatore percentuale ( of your total resources that you can have during the game?

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It is how the lombards works, you invest a certain amount of a resource, and get half of that value for each of the other 2 resources.

Now you invest 300 food, and get 150 wood and 150 gold. If you would invest 100 food, you would get 50 wood and 50 gold, which isn’t that useful…

It’s a bit what happens with the usury card…

Anyway it would depend if the 5% is then split for the 2 resources, or if it’s 5% for each.

Anyway, I’m not sure that it’s necessary… the usury card already does that, but it affects only the investment of food and wood. If you extend that to gold investments too then it might be enough…

Lombards already gives back a ton of resources. You don’t have to look at them as banks, but more about pawn shops/special markets that also trickle a ton of XPs.

wait calm with the interest, (reals) and i got 150 plus interest every time ( yes i know that i could send an personal message dear microsoft but the problem is a thread that i think is only generating confusion and lost time) , it could be fine you re invest again to another specific resources that you need with fast time (example only food) (with automatic mod like i seuggested before with only one resource invest or also getting only one specific resources trigger to get boost until the fortess age).
if i give a loan of one resources the tax of interest must return (1 resource full or 2 half depends like resource/s you need. and for last for the xp i remember that are not them that change the game because your pocket contain only 25 cards and them remain , so better have more resources to advance your economy with autonomy that to be under the hc cards that could be a débâcle , if you can have a good eco with no use hc , this is the point , with the best structure as possible already organised like it should ( never seen in the history a lombard that have to ask to put in is bank an tax of interest) those usure card is a meme… and also an historical big fake…